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Sweetland Talents

William Sweetland
Bath Multi Talented Organ Builder (1822 - 1910)
'Best organs in England for their size'
Accolades from Mr W T Best, Sir Walter Parratt and Sir F A Gore Ouseley

'Finest Living, Voicer, Tuner and Builder of Organs

with the single exception of Mr Henry Bevington'

'Finest Mechanist in England'
Mr Kendrick Pyne Manchester Cathedral


'Probably Greatest Natural Genius in Bath'
Extracts taken from The Gentleman Journal 1 September 1896

Musician & Instrument Maker


Essayed the making of a May Horn aged 4½ yrs

Made a Dulcimer aged 6 yrs

8 Key Accordion aged 9 yrs

Guitar aged 10 yrs

Violin aged 11 yrs

Cello aged12 yrs

Harp aged 13 yrs

 Inventor of Musical Improvements

Self Taught Architect

Accomplished Artist
(Inspired by Artist Edwin Long RA
during visits to Edwin's home in London)

Furniture Maker and Craftsman

Builder of a Very Superior Waggonette

Stone Mason

'Designer of Bath Finest Victorian Jubilee Illumination Display
Kaleidoscopic effect - 18 feet from the front of the house
The Gentleman Journal (undated)