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William Sweetland - Centenary celebrations Bath - 18 to 25 September 2010
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 Inspiration from Bath's Great Citizens Past and Present

18th September 2010 marked the opening of  the Bath's Sweetland Music Festival.  A week of music and exhibition with evening concerts, day-time recitals and Bath Celebrities Exhibition including a new 2010 painting by celebrity artist Peter Brown. Accompanied walks highlighting Bath as a City of celebrities and music provided by Bath's popular guides Kirsten Elliott and Andrew Swift.

The Festival was inspired by the centenary of the death of William Sweetland, described as probably 'the Greatest Natural Genius in Bath'. The initial plan was to hold one centenary celebration concert at St Michael's Church where the multi talented Sweetland installed his first church organ.  Thanks to phenomenal local support, the Festival incorproated twelve events including an exhibition based on Sweetland incorporating some of the great Bath celebrities associated with him. The Festival also came about thanks to the help of local museums and many citizens generously supporting the Festival and offering their valuable time and their talent by painting, playing music and offering specialised walks around the City.

The Sweetland Music Festival was 'about' celebrating some of Bath's very talented citizens of yesterday and today and their great value to the City in 2010 and beyond.

hat makes any city in the world? Its people' ‘The Dream of Bath’ Diana Winsor1981
come and meet a few...........        
  Sweetland's  memorial  designed and  built by Sweetland  - He died before completing it